In the next 6 years 500,000 young adults with ASD will age out of school programs.

Who will help them reach their potential?

Be a Part of a Growing Community

We're building a community of transition age adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families. Join our movement to help them reach their full potential by creating a more accessible pathway to independence.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Autism Power is a collection of  ASD researchers, community builders, and social enterprises to help young adults with autism more readily access meaningful employment, social engagement, and community participation.

We want your participation in order to cultivate a community and provide resources that fit your needs. Contact us to get involved with this amazing program.

Once you do, you’ll gain access to a rapidly growing community  where you can relate to others whose lives are affected by ASD, and actively shape a new and more fulfilling world for young adults on the autism spectrum.