Our Partners

We are incredibly grateful for all the support that brought this all together. Without their help, none of this would be possible!


Bittersweet Farms

  • Executive Director: Dustin Hawkins
  • Admissions Specialist: Tammy Chambers
  • Horticulture Specialist: Eva Ford
  • Resident: Beth Meyer Autism Power Board Member

Rockford Homes

  • Vice President: Pat Yoakam Autism Power Board Member
  • Builder Technology: Robert E. Yoakam

Power to The Grid and Great Lakes Post

  • Stefan Kogler

inCourage Enterprises

  • Paul Fuller

Jim Taylor Knows Autism

  • Jim Taylor

Next Step Business

  • Lauren Edwards

Lady Extreme

  • Nicole “Lady Xtreme” Carter

Stratford Ecological Center

The Original Red Power Ranger

  • Austin St. John Autism Power Board Member

The Heartland Image Foundation

  • Nick Kellis

Orlando Film Festival Founders Pres. & V.P.

  • Daniel E. Springen & Holly Morgan

Panoramic Strategic Solutions

  • David Kaplan

Foertmeyer & Son’s Greenhouse

  • Mark Foertmeyer
  • Dan Foertmeyer
  • Matt Foertmeyer

The Gesundheit! Institute

  • Patch Adams


  • Cheif Brand Storyteller/Founder: David All

Downsize Farms

  • Bob Custer

The Spotted Cow Coffeehouse

  • Bobbi Custer