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Vocational Training & Employment

Autism Power is an innovative organization that creates meaningful vocational training, employment opportunities and transition services (school to work) to members of our community with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other disabilities. We create integrated, supportive and engaging work environments. Autism Power worksites are social enterprises meaning they are real working businesses in addition to supporting people. We draw upon the strengths, talents and interests of each person to achieve their individual maximum potential. 


We identify transition age individuals and adults through schools, county boards of DD Service Coordinators and families. We then incorporate their individual wants and needs into employment opportunities utilizing the Ziggurat Model. From there, there are several paths people can take:

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  1. Vocational Habilitation - we teach job skills using hands-on experiences for as long as needed with a specialized trainer. The purpose of vocational training is cultivate job skills and professional development to prepare people for competitive employment. 

  2. We offer competitive employment at our own worksites when it matches the wants and skills of the person. We also include teachers, family members and advocates

  3. Our professional team provides support to people seeking competitive community employment and rewarding careers. 


  • We employ cutting edge augmented reality technology to empower people in their quest for independence in daily life and employment. Our job specific apps focus on exposure therapy and positive reinforcement to teach social-emotional skills, job and career skills, and transitions.

  • We use scientifically validated and person-centered assessment tools to keep the focus on each person as the key decision-maker in his or her own life.

  • Our supports and services are based on the principles of The Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL). Our use of the CQL Personal Outcomes Measures (POM), is a powerful tool that will help us deliver quality services that are defined by the people we support.

  • We are setting an industry standard that we refer to as “support without limits," by using a portion of our social enterprise dollars to continue to support people when their waiver/OOD dollars run out.

  • We believe positive collaboration is one of the keys to success. Our team works closely with families and other service providers to ensure supports are coordinated seamlessly. We work with multiple partners in our community. 

  • Creating a successful social enterprise model that will employ both people with disabilities and their neurotypical peers.

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