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My daughter at 23 finally found a job that employs her and she is happy and successful. We have a growing population of adults with autism who just want to find a place in the world and to have a life with purpose (66% are not employed, but are employable). I didn’t realize how hard it would be but Autism Power knows how to find jobs for these adults in nursery and greenhouse production where they can be productive human beings. 

I have the success with my daughter. It was the first time she said she felt relaxed doing a task. Much of it is repetitive which relaxes her a lot. She has finally found happiness and peace. You have no idea how this makes me feel as a parent. I am so relieved.

Lisa Vittero


Autism Power has helped my son gain valuable work experience in the kind of welcoming and supportive environment he needs. He has been able to learn how to navigate workplace life at his own pace  without the stress and anxiety often associated with this new situation. He truly enjoys his time and the people at your greenhouse. Not only is he learning new skills in a career that interests him, he is learning about what independence and expectations in the workplace are. When I ask him about work he tells me. “I love it! There are so many different jobs and I get to work with nature. I’ve met a lot of great people and even get to work with a few familiar faces.” Autism Power has been a wonderful opportunity for him. And as a parent, it’s comforting to know he is surrounded by such a caring and supportive work family. Thank you for looking out for him and helping him succeed!

Heather Williams

Autism Power is staffed with true advocates who understand individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. They have helped my son obtain, retain and find fulfillment in his job. They recognize that each person is different and may require special accommodations. They work hard to know each individual that they serve and offer reasonable accommodations so that those individuals can gain successful employment. I have never seen my son happier and more proud of himself. Thank you Autism Power for all you do for the autism community.

Jean Jakovlic

Autism Power is great. The staff is really nice and they helped me find a job I really love at your greenhouse. My new job has encouraged me to further my education at Columbus State this fall and learn more about plants.

Lawrence “Trey” Walker

Autism Power is a true advocate for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders in our community. In a short time they have done so much to assist my young adult son. The personal attention and resources they provided have allowed him to land a job he loves. He has secured meaningful employment in our community which s a result has boosted his self-confidence and positive outlook for his future. I feel so fortunate to have Autism Power as a part of our community. I look forward to it’ continued growth so that more families affected by ASD can have the positive experience that we have. 

Patricia Walker

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