Autism Power Ohio Indoor Farm

GH Rendering 4.jpg

Autism Power has developed a model of an “outside the box” social enterprise to offer vocational training and employment opportunities for people with all types of disabilities. We are building a state-of-the-art greenhouse using vertical farming in the form of aeroponic growing towers, aquaponics in the form of Dutch buckets and rolling tables for easy accessibility for those with various physical limitations. We will grow herbs, botanicals and vegetables for Ohio restaurants, households, medical providers and specialty food markets.


The greenhouse will provide year-round job skill training and employment in an integrated competitive work environment for people with all types of disabilities and their neurotypical peers. Our greenhouse is designed specifically to meet the needs of our clients with disabilities. The goal is to have people with disabilities employed not only in the greenhouse operations, but also in marketing, delivering products, community awareness, sales, etc. The greenhouse will also serve as a horticulture therapy program while also utilizing music, movement and nature for both adults and transition aged students (aged 16-22).

Our greenhouse will not just be a place of employment but a therapeutic setting for the community. There is an overwhelming amount of scientific data proving time spent in “green spaces” and gardening improves well-being and cohesion, fosters a sense of belonging, reduces stress and enhances life skills. This is particularly true for those with disabilities.

We are committed to engaging with our local community by hosting community educational and recreational events focused on healthy eating, cooking and growing your own food.

We estimate these multi-disciplinary resources will serve a couple of hundred people per location, starting in Franklin County and expanding across Ohio.

We are seeking donors for our greenhouse program to help those with autism and other disabilities receive year-round job-training and employment.