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The benefits of working in gardens

I’ve been working in gardens since I was a young boy growing up in Cleveland. The benefits of being around nature, growing plants and working in the dirt continue to enhance my life in powerful ways. I read this recently about horticulture therapy and was struck by the message and how it aligns with the mission of Autism Power.

“Greenhouses and gardens are special places. The first benefit has to do with the physical garden space itself. I have observed a sense of relief displayed by the participants when in the garden space. Gardens can serve as a welcome break from the classroom or facility environment, for clients and staff, and provide a space for 'quiet fascination.'”

Kaplan, Kaplan, and Ryan state that quiet fascination can “come from the setting itself, from the sound patterns, the motion, the intensity of forms and color. An evaluation was designed at the beginning of the season and results demonstrated that. Seventy-two percent of participants were observed having slightly to significantly less anxiety when engaging in the garden and with horticultural therapy activities in comparison to other daily tasks.”

There you have it... Tony


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